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Victim Of Grace By Robin Jones Gunn Book Review

/ / V i c t i m   o f   G r a c e / /
// B y   R o b i n    J o n e s   G u n n //

{ R e v i e w   B y   M a d i }

Victim Of Grace
Author: Robin Jones Gunn
Source: Review Book from Book Sneeze
Number Of Pages: 205
ISBN: 9780310324799
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication Date: 2013
My Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars
/ / B o o k  D e s c r i p t i o n / /"Robin Jones Gunn reveals poignant truths from her life as well as from the lives of women in the Bible as she flips the notion that we are at the mercy of circumstances. She asks, what if God has dreams for you? What if he is accomplishing those dreams in the midst of shattered hopes? When life doesn't go as expected, it's easy to feel like a victim. We look at the events that have gone wrong and view our lives as impaired. What if we could see our future as God sees it? Would our view radically change if we understood we are indeed victims rather than of happenstance? God, the Relentless Lover, has vigorously sought you. He has instilled dreams in your heart that are grander than you can imagine. But the route to their fulfillment often is through a path you wouldn't seek. What if God wants to take the hopes that tug at your heart and enliven them? Are you ready to live inside the mysterious joy of being a victim of grace?"

/ / M a d i ' s   B o o k   R e v i e w / /
And I thought I enjoyed Robin's books after reading the Christy Miller Collection, The Sierra Jensen Collection and Christy And Todd The College Years! This book was fantastic! I'm usually not very fond of non-fiction books, but this is one that I'm glad to have on my shelves. I wish more people would write about how God got them through the storms of life instead of just getting to the "punch line". What an encouragement! I know that when trialing times come, this is one of the books that I will be re-visiting. I love the amount of scripture used in the making of this book. So many authors write things about God without showing where they got the idea in the first place, but not Robin! She has scripture to back up everything that she says.

I'm extremely grateful for Robin's candidness in sharing her own troubles and trials throughout her life and how God pulled her through them. It seemed that with every personal story that she shared, she had a story of a biblical woman to go with it. I'll never think of some of the women of the Bible the same way. She gives such an insight into what they were going through and what these great women of the Bible could have been feeling in their own rough situations.

This book also showed me just how blessed I really am. I read the term "Victim Of Grace" in one of Robin's novels a while back, and that phrase has come to mind often over the past couple of years. Whenever I feel like the "victim", I can remember that I am not a victim of my circumstances, but I AM a victim of grace. God's perfect, loving and unconditional grace. It's all about your outlook.

I would definitely encourage anyone to read this book, especially teenage girls. Robin Jones Gunn has a way of wording things in a way that draws in a young reader. But even if you aren't a teenage girl, I guarantee that this book could encourage you if you just gave it a shot.
N o t e :: I was provided with a free copy of Victim of Grace from the publisher for review purposes, and was not paid to do so. All thoughts expressed are my own, and completely honest and unbiased.

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