How Books Are Rated

Here at The Literary Maidens we use what we like to call "The Five Star System" to rate our books. Here is a general view of how we rate books.

5  S t a r s  :: This book was utterly amazing and couldn't have been any better. I loved everything about the book and found it to be very enjoyable. Highly recommended, you must read it!

4  S t a r s  :: This book was very good! I really, really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.

3  S t a r s :: This book was okay. It wasn't terrible, but it could have been better. While I didn't absolutely love everything about it, I still enjoyed it.

2  S t a r s :: This book wasn't very good. It either wasn't very appropriate or was quite boring and I'm not sure that you would enjoy it.

1  S t a r :: This book was a complete waste of time and very disappointing. I'd not recommend this book at all and probably won't read any more books by this author.

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