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Happy, Happy, Happy By Phil Robertson Book Reviews

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Happy, Happy, Happy

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Title: Happy, Happy, Happy
Author(s): Phil Robertson With Mark Schlabach
Madi's Source: Review Book From The Publisher
Bethany's Source: Review Book From The Publisher
Number Of Pages: 230
ISBN: 978-1-4767-2609-0
Publisher: Howard
Publication Date: 2013
Madi's Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars
Bethany's Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars
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This no-holds-barred autobiography chronicles the remarkable life of Phil Robertson, the original Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty star, from early childhood through the founding of a family business. Life was always getting in the way of Phil Robertson’s passion for duck hunting.

An NFL-bound quarterback, Phil made his mark on Louisiana Tech University in the 1960s by playing football and completing his college career with a master’s degree in English. But Phil’s eyes were not always on the books or the ball; they were usually looking to the sky.

Phil grew up with the dream of living the simple life off the land like his forebears, but he soon found himself on a path to self-destruction—leasing a bar, drinking too much, fighting, and wasting his talents. He almost lost it all until he gave his life to God. And then everything changed.

Phil’s incredible story tells how he followed a calling from God and soon after invented a duck call that would begin an incredible journey to the life he had always dreamed of for himself and his family. With great love for his country, his family, and his maker, Phil has finally found the ingredients to the “good life” he always wanted.
/ / M a d i ' s   R e v i e w / /
This has got to be the best book that I have read this year, hands down (or thumbs up). I have been a fan of the show Duck Dynasty for a while now, and when I found out that Phil and Willie Robertson had each written a book, I kind of geeked out. I'm so excited for the opportunity to read, review and promote anything by this family!

This book was about Phil Robertson - the man who started the Duck Commander Business - and how he came to be where he is today. I was fascinated to find out that Phil wasn't always the Godly, wise man that everyone sees today. He was married to his wife Kay at a very young age (he was 16 and she was 15), and at first he wasn't the ideal father and husband. But, God got ahold of him and he turned his life around when he was 28 years old, and he has been a proud proclaimer of the gospel ever since. I happen to personally know how certain situations instigated by a father can affect an entire family, and not always in a good way. That being said, there is always a hidden story of redemption. The kindness and forgiveness displayed by his family was astounding, and Phil's drive to become a better husband, father and person was even more impressive.

Since Phil turned his life around, he became an all out Bible thumper (America needs a few more of those). The lessons that he learned throughout his life he shares candidly, and in a forthright manner he tells you how to handle some hard situations. I love his outspoken demeanor, and how he just calls them as he sees 'em. One of my favorite quotes from this book was:

"The more makeup a woman wears, the more she's trying to hide; makeup can hide a lot of evil."

I couldn't have said it better myself!
/ / B e t h a n y ' s   R e v i e w / / 
Since I am a fan of Duck Dynasty, I found this book a very enjoyable read, as I got to know more about Phil Robertson who is a star in his family's reality TV show, Duck Dynasty which is shown on A&E. I loved the Phil-ness of the book, and while it's kinda hard to explain just what that is, anyone who's seen Phil on Duck Dynasty will known that Phil has a very distinct flavor; one that you don't see much nowadays. Basically, it was super redneck and super low-tech - and hey, the world could always use a bit more of that, right? And while Phil is very strong on his opinions, I would say that I wholeheartedly agree with each of them, especially all the political related ones in the last chapter. He's got some good stuff to say, and while I'm not exactly taking on the whole no technology philosophy, there are quite a few things that I could agree with that I think the world would do good to hear.
Before reading Happy, Happy, Happy I had already read Phil's son Willie's book The Duck Commander Family, which went into detail explaining how the Robertson family grew up. While a lot of that was repeated in this book, I enjoyed getting to hear it from Phil's point of view, and there were a couple details that were not mentioned in The Duck Commander Family. I really enjoyed getting to read about Phil's life before he came to Christ, when he was drinking and doing things he shouldn't have. I especially enjoyed hearing how he came to Christ, and how his life was different after he became a Christian, especially how he would go and "preach" and speak to people about Christ.
For me, the best parts of this book were all the black and white photos of Phil and his family, as well as all the quotes that I could very easily see Phil saying, like he often quotes on Duck Dynasty. This book, being that it's written by Phil, definitely had a different take on things that what you'd normally see in a biography/memoir type book, which makes it very unique! But in all honesty, what about the Robertson family is average? :)
In all, I really enjoyed getting to read this book. It gives lots of insight into the Robertson family, and details on how they grew up and started Duck Commander. One of the unique things that sets the book apart from The Duck Commander Family is since it's from Phil's point of view, there are more details on how Duck Commander got started and lots of early memories of the business before it brought in buckets of money. In all, Happy, Happy, Happy is a great book full of wonderful family memories and advice, with a special Phil touch. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes to hunt, or to fans of Duck Dynasty. Anyone who is a fan of Phil should be sure and pick up this book!
NOTE :: We would like to sincerely thank the publisher for providing us girls with a complimentary review copy of this book to read and review! We were not paid to read and review this book, and all thoughts expressed in our reviews are completely our own and unbiased.

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