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A Match Made In Texas Book Review

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{Review Written By Madi}
Title: A Match Made In Texas
Author(s): Karen Witemeyer, Mary Connealy, Regina Jennings, Carol Cox.
Source: Bethany House Publishers
Number Of Pages: 379
ISBN: 978-0-7642-1176-8
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Year Of Publication: 2014
Rating: Five Out Of Five Stars

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In Dry Gulch, Texas, 1893, a young woman with a tender heart that longs to help those in need takes it upon herself to meddle in the affairs of three acquaintances who are in dire straits. Wanting to stay anonymous, she relies on unusual methods to hire men and women of good character who she thinks can solve the problems facing her “targets.” How was she to know that her meddling would turn into a cupid’s arrow? And what will she do when her friends turn the tables on her with a matchmaking scheme of their own?
Four novellas in one volume.

/ / Book Review / /

 I was so excited to hear about this book's release! Mary Connealy and Karen Witemeyer are two of my favorite authors, and I know that Regina Jennings and Carol Cox are also wonderful novelist. This book is a little gold mine, that's what it is! Who wouldn't want to read four novellas written by such amazing women? I went into this book with high expectations, and I wasn't disappointed. I haven't read anything by Carol Cox or Regina Jennings, but I have read several books by both Mary Connealy and Karen Witemeyer, and they both have one thing in common; they both write fantastic western romance novels. I couldn't think of a better collage of authors. Their writing styles are similar, but each have their own personal quirks. I was also impressed by the other authors. I have two new favorite authors to follow! Now, I'm usually not huge on reading novellas. Not because they lack quality, but because they're so short that you have to squeeze everything in at a ridiculously quick speed, and that usually makes things seem a little rushed when it comes to the romance part. How many people do you know that knew each other three days before they got married? Not many. This book wasn't like that. Now, it did have a couple of marriages that happened rather quickly, but it didn't come across as hasty. The way it was worded made it seem somewhat realistic. I may be a dreamer, but nothing makes me want to barf more than a silly and fickle girl falling for a guy in a matter of days and calling it "love". *Gag*. That being said, I think that the rest of it was very nicely written! I loved how all the books had some small connection or another to the novella before it, it made the transition between books much cleaner than it would have been had the stories been completely unrelated. Another thing that I loved was how all the books fit into the Christian/Western genre. I'm from Texas and I have a love for all things Southern, so a gentlemanly cowboy makes me go weak-kneed. I would highly encourage any lover of historical fiction, western fiction, and Christian fiction to pick up this bad boy at your nearest book store. You won't be sorry!
 ~The Literary Maidens
Note: I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion, I was not paid to write this review, and all thoughts expressed above are completely my own and unbiased.

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