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Echoes Of Mercy By Kim Vogel Sawyer Book Review

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{Review By Madi}
Book Title: Echoes Of Mercy
Author: Kim Vogel Sawyer
Book Genre: Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance.
Number Of Pages: 344
ISBN: 978-0-307-73127-2
Publisher: WaterBrook Press
Rating: Three Out Of Five Stars
Year Of Publication: 2014
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When a suspicious accident occurs at the Dinsmore Chocolate Factory in Sinclair, Kansas, in 1904, Caroline Lang goes undercover as a factory worker to investigate. Oliver Dinsmore, heir to the Dinsmore candy dynasty, has his own investigation to conduct. Posing as a common worker known as “Ollie Moore,” he aims to find out all he can about the family business before he takes over for his father.
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 When her co-worker dies in the middle of an investigation at Dinsmore's World-Famous Chocolates Factory in Sinclair, Kansas, Caroline Lang takes his place as a favor to her boss and friend. Though she just came back from a long journey and is bone tired, she heads out on the first possible train. As soon as she arrives, she is put through a series of tests, but eventually lands the job. And right away she is attracted to co-worker Ollie Moore . . . and he to her. Will their different stations in life keep them apart, or will love fight the odds?
This book was definitely a step up to some of Kim Vogel Sawyer's other novels, but it still wasn't a favorite. I don't know why I keep reading stuff by this author, I never really fall in love with anything that she writes. I suppose that since my best friend tells  me that I just HAVE to read them is a small factor. Not to say that this author doesn't have ANY good books, in fact, I really liked "Waiting For Summer's Return", but that was the only one that I remember really enjoying. Until this one. This book was pretty good! Not a new favorite, but definitely a good time passer. It was a bit slow at times, but it had a well developed plot and the characters were just precious. I probably won't be reading anything else by this author though. Her books are kind of hit and miss. If you're into books that kind of tend to stretch on, then I really think that you would enjoy Kim Vogel Sawyer. I know people that are always chomping at the bit for her to release a new novel, so I guess that her books just aren't my style.
 ~The Literary Maidens
Note: I was provided with a free paperback copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion by the Blogging For Books review program. I was not further compensated for reviewing this product and all thoughts and sentiments expressed above are completely my own and unbiased.

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