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Body & Soul By Bethany Hamilton and Dustin Dillberg Book Review

Body & Soul

Review Written By Madi
Book Title: Body & Soul
Author(s): Bethany Hamilton and Dustin Dillberg
Source/Sponsor: BookLook
Genre: Fitness
Number Of Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-0-310-73105-4
Publisher: Zondervan
Year Of Publication: 2014
Rating: Five Out Of Five Stars
Book Description
Bethany Hamilton has become a fitness expert by virtue of being a professional athlete who has excelled. And she's done it while overcoming incredible challenges. Whether you know Bethany or not, whether you surf or not, everyone has challenges, and in Fitness, Faith, and Fun (working), Bethany shares some of her core experiences with body, mind and spirit. Bethany shares her expertise as an athlete and a Christian, showing how your spiritual health is just as important as your physical health. This isn't a book about Bethany, this is a book about wellness, becoming your best 'You,' through fitness--physical and spiritual.
 Book Review
When I ordered this book, I didn't even take the time to read the description. I figured it would be about the story about Bethany Hamilton and her faith, but I was actually pleasantly surprised to find out otherwise. When I realized that this was a fitness book, I'm not gonna lie, I was not thrilled. I'm not exactly the healthy eating, active every day type of person. I have tried a few work outs, but I've had a hard time sticking with them. This book helped me with that. It includes some workouts that you can do in the comfort of your home, and yet still change up your usual schedule and get  motivated. Another thing that I have always had a hard time with is understanding why certain things are bad for me and why I should avoid them. Bethany went into detail in this book why you should be one of those "Label Readers". She explained what each thing was, how it affected your body, and how you should/should not incorporate it into your daily diet. Some of it really surprised me. Like, how can certain juices be bad for you? IT'S FRUIT. Well if it's made at home that's all fine and dandy, but in a lot of store bought juices they use added preservatives and sugar substitutes that are really bad for the human body. I loved learning about what my body needs to function properly and reap the benefits of every day life. Another thing that I loved about this book was how Bible based it was. There were a lot of scriptures scattered throughout the text that applied to the human body and how we should honor it as God's Temple. Now I'm not saying that I'm gonna all of a sudden be a health gooroo (or however you spell it), but I do think that with this book as a reference that I will be able to make a few small changes at a time that will eventually lead to a healthier, happier lifestyle.
Madi For The Literary Maidens
D I S C L A I M E R: I was provided with a free copy of this book by BookLook (formerly known as BookSneeze) in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not further compensated to review this product, and all thoughts and sentiments expressed above are completely my own and unbiased.

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