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Unplanned By Abby Johnson Book Review

9640038// Unplanned //

The dramatic true story of a former Planned Parenthood leader's eye-opening journey across the life line 

By Abby Johnson

{Review Written By Bethany} 

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher
Publication Date: January 11th, 2011
Number of Pages: 267
  Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

// Book Synopsis //
Taken from Good Reads
 Retailers Choice Award winner, 2012 Abby Johnson quit her job in October 2009. That simple act became a national news story because Abby was the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas who, after participating in her first actual abortion procedure, walked across the road to join the Coalition for Life. "Unplanned" is a heart stopping personal drama of life-and-death encounters, a courtroom battle, and spiritual transformation that speaks hope and compassion into the political controversy that surrounds this issue. Telling Abby's story from both sides of the abortion clinic property line, this book is a must-read for anyone who cares about the life versus rights debate and helping women who face crisis pregnancies.

// Bethany's Book Review //

I was able to watch the Unplanned documentary a while back, and was inspired and encouraged by Abby Johnson's story. When I realized she had written a book about her experience working at Planned Parenthood and then quitting after the Lord revealed to her that abortion is wrong; I was very eager to read it! 

Abby Johnson's story, told in this book, is such an encouraging and inspiring one. One that proved that truth will always prevail. Even though I have been pro-life and stand firm in this decision, I was blessed by hearing both "sides" of the story. Reading about Abby Johnson's story really helped me to think about this issue, and look at it in a way that I'd never looked at it before. Since Abby Johnson has been on both sides of the debate, I think that she is such an excellent tool that the Lord has been using to teach both sides.

I really enjoyed reading about Abby's story, and reading about how the Lord opened her eyes to the atrocities that went on in the building that she managed. It was so encouraging and moving just to see Abby's raw honesty in this book. I really appreciate how she put all the briers down and told her story as honestly as possible. This is one of those books that makes you think, and makes you stronger as a person. I'm so glad for the opportunity to have read it. No matter where you stand on the issue of abortion, I think that everyone should read this book.

D I S C L A I M E R :: I received a complementary copy of Unplanned for the sole purpose of this review. All thoughts expressed are completely my own, honest and unbiased. I was not paid in any way to promote this book.

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