Monday, September 30, 2013

Monthly Reflections :: September 2013 {#5}

Hello Literary Maidens!

Since we had to skip last months Monthly Reflections post due to time, we are even more excited to get back with this months post, to share with you all a total of all the books us girls read in September. Even though September was a busy month for the both of us girls, we are happy with the amount of reading we got in and really enjoyed the books we read this month. So here's a list of the books we read this past month and what we rated them!

// Books Bethany Read In September //
Bethany's September Ratings:
Tattler's Branch by Jan Watson (Review Book) // 5 stars
Rebellious Heart by Jody Hedlund (Review Book) // 5 stars
A Home for My Heart by Ann Mateer (Review Book)  // 5 stars
Love's Awakening by Laura Franzt (Library Book) // 4 stars
City on Fire by Tracy L. Higley (Review Book) // 5 stars
Glittering Promises by Lisa Bergren (Review Book) // 5 stars
// Books Madi Read In September //
Madi's September Ratings:
Eventide by Shelley Shepard Gray (Review Book) // 4 stars
Before The Dawn by Kathleen Bauer (Review Book) // 4 stars
Wounded By God's People by Anne Graham Lotz (Review Book) // 5 stars
Sweet September by Kathleen Bauer (Review Book) // 4 stars
The Miner's Lady by Tracy Peterson (Review Book) // 5 stars
The Secret Keeper by Beverly Lewis (Review Book) // 5 stars
The Bargain by Stephanie Reed (Review Book) // 3 stars
A Christmas Gift For Rose by Tricia Goyer (Review Book) // 5 stars
Return To Me by Lynn Austin (Review Book) // 5 stars
So there you have it! That's what The Literary Maidens read in the month of September! What did you read this past month? Have you read any of the books we did, or enjoy that particular author? If so we'd love to know about it so please share down in a comment! We hope you all have a blessed October and that September was a good month, reading-wise, for you all!
~ The Literary Maidens

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