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Gunpowder Tea By Margaret Brownley Book Review

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{Review By Madi}
Title: Gunpowder Tea
Author: Margaret Brownley
Source: Booksneeze
Number Of Pages: 327
ISBN: 978-1-59554-972-3
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Year Of Publication: 2013
Madi's Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars
/ / Book Description / /
In a case that could change her career, Miranda uncovers a love that will change her life.

When Miranda Hunt sees the classified ad for an heiress to the legendary Last Chance Ranch, she knows assuming the identity of Annie Beckman is the perfect cover. As one of the finest agents for the Pinkerton Detective Agency, Miranda has been tasked with apprehending the Phantom – an elusive and notorious train robber thought to be hiding on the sprawling ranch.

But she isn’t the only one there with something to hide. Wells Fargo detective Jeremy Taggert is working the scene undercover as well. And although their true identities are a secret, it is impossible for Jeremy and Miranda to hide the spark that flares between them.

But neither is about to let romance interfere with such a huge case. Besides, Miranda hasn’t removed Jeremy from her list of suspects yet. The closer they come to uncovering the identity of the Phantom, the more dangerous he gets – and no one on the ranch is safe.

But neither are their hearts – the longer Miranda and Jeremy spends working together, the harder it becomes to keep their feelings in check. Their careers – and their lives – depend on solving this case. Love will have to wait.
/ / Madi's Book Review / /
Miranda Hunt is a Pinkerton Detective in the year 1897, and she is proud to be walking in her father's footsteps. She has always been Pinkerton's (Pink for short) last resort. She always got the missions that no one else wanted. Until now. Since she is one of two women in the detective business, so she is the only one who can accomplish the job of catching the "Phantom". The Phantom is a professional robber and thief, and he somehow always seems to escape the authorities. Miranda answers and ad in the paper advertising for an heiress to Last Chance Ranch. She goes undercover as Annie Beckham, and begins her investigation as soon as she arrives at the ranch. There is only one problem. Her train headed to Last Chance is robbed during her journey, and after she becomes a fixed part of the ranch, she realizes that the new hand that Mrs. Walker brought on is really one of the thieves from the train robbery. But something just doesn't fit. Branch doesn't seem like the thieving type, but she knows by experience that he is, in fact, a thief. A very handsome thief.
Jeremy Taggart (A.K.A Branch), is also a detective, but not from Pink. He's a Wells Fargo agent. Wells Fargo and Pinkerton are arch rivals, and having an agent from each company makes for some interesting scenes. He was hired on as a ranch hand to blend into the ordinary lives of the people around these parts, but he is no rancher, and he's tired of being considered a thief by the pretty Annie Beckham. He just wants to finish this case and move on, or he's liable to get off of his horse and walk like a penguin for the rest of his life. 
When the two good guys suspect each other of being the Phantom, things get heated. When they discover each other's true identities, they start to doubt their abilities (sort of). How can they catch the bad guy if they can't even read the good ones?
I REALLY enjoyed this book. The first thing that grabbed my attention about this novel is its title. "Gunpowder Tea" just sounds like such a Southern, relatable book. Being a Texan myself, I was especially drawn to it. Another thing that I liked about this book was its characters. Annie is such a spitfire, and she refuses to be outdone or beat. Considering Annie and I have similar personalities, it was pretty easy for me to imagine myself in her situation, and soon I was so engrossed in my book that I paid no notice to what was going on around me. And Branch! Oh my gosh! For a fictional character, he sure knows how to make a girl swoon. In my humble opinion there is nothing finer than a man that acts like a gentleman. I would recommend this book to just about any female that loves the South, tea, and guns.
/ / Favorite Quotes From Gunpowder Tea / /
"A gullible fool can locate a swindler faster than the smartest private eye in the world."
"A private eye's best friend is a woman with a secret too good to keep."
"In God we trust; all others will be treated as suspects."
"He also lectured on ways to turn away wrath with a gentle answer. Ha! Some people didn't know a gentle answer from a turnip."
"Politeness and inflection were all well and good but some callers need to be put in their places."
"A woman without a secret is like a rose without fragrance."
"Making accusations without proof is like throwing a rope without a loop."
"Suspicion ain't proof unless you're married."
"Politeness is more effective when combined with a gun."
"An honest thief is about as rare as clean socks in a bunkhouse."
"Confession might be good for the soul but it doesn't do much for one's reputation."
"That's the problem with suspicion. Once it takes root there ain't no stoppin' it. Colors everythin'. Suspicion makes every rock look like a monster."
"If God was small enough to understand, I reckon He wouldn't be big enough to worship."
~Madi For The Literary Maidens
Note: I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not paid to write this review, and all thoughts and sentiments expressed in this post are completely my own and totally unbiased.

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