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The Dawn Of Christmas By Cindy Woodsmall Book Review

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{Review By Madi}
Title: The Dawn Of Christmas
Author: Cindy Woodsmall
Source: Blogging For Books
Number Of Pages: 170
ISBN: 978-0-307-73213-2
Publisher: WaterBrook Press
Year Of Publication: 2012
My Rating: Four Out Of Five Stars
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This Christmas, experience learning to trust alongside the Plain folk of Apple Ridge, Pennsylvania in this heart-warming tale of second chances.

Sadie enjoys her freedom away from home and her mission trips to Peru, but after four years, her Old Order Amish family insists it’s time to come home and settle down. Levi, a bachelor who distrusts women after a family heartbreak, also has no desire for romance. To keep their families from meddling in their lives, Sadie and Levi devise a plan—but soon discover that the walls around their hearts are breaking down. Can they let go of their prejudices, learn to trust each other, and embrace a future together?
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 This isn't the first book of Cindy Woodsmall's that I have read, in fact, I have read several. I will admit that I haven't been a huge fan of hers, and I usually wouldn't recommend any of her books, but for some reason I keep reading them. It's kind of like McDonald's, it taste horrible, but you eat it all the time anyway. Most of the time I dislike her books simply because the plot is boring and predictable, and because her novels lack that feeling of authenticity, but I must admit that I am impressed with The Dawn Of Christmas. I wasn't sure I would ever read a Cindy Woodsmall book that I ended up being glad that I read, but I did. This little novella captured my attention and kept it there until before I knew it I had completed it in a single sitting (which wasn't hard, considering it's only 170 pages long). I'm sucker for a good romantic novella, and this was just the ticket. I don't get the title though. Only the very last chapter had anything to do with Christmas, and there was little to no mention of the holiday throughout the rest of the book. I went into this book expecting a story full of Christmas cheer and holiday spirit, and that's not what I got out of it. I don't mind though. Overall, it was still a very enjoyable book to read and it gave me hope for this author yet. I think the reason that I kept going back to Cindy's books is that I saw the potential there, but it never really came to light for me until I read this. She still isn't one of my "Must-Read" authors, but from now on I won't balk at a recommendation to one of her books. The characters were wonderfully created and artfully portrayed, and it took no time at all for me to get caught up in what was happening in their lives. My favorite character was Sadie. Most Amish women are very solemn, obedient and quiet. Sadie is a spitfire. It's nice to see an Amish character with personality, even if it is a bit unrealistic. I hope that this author continues to surprise me in the future, because I quite enjoyed this novella and hope to see more like it.
 ~Madi For The Literary Maidens

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