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A Season Of Change By Lynette Sowell Book Review

A Season Of Change

Review Written By Madi
Book Title: A Season Of Change
Author: Lynette Sowell
Source/Sponsor: The Litfuse Publicity Group
Genre: Christian Fiction
Number Of Pages: 316
ISBN: 978-1-4267-5355-8
Publisher: Abington Press
Year Of Publication: 2014
Rating: Two Out Of Five Stars
Book Description
Amish widower Jacob Miller believes it was a mistake to visit the Amish village of Pinecraft for winter vacation, especially after his daughter is struck by a car. Stranded in Sarasota until his daughter recovers, Jacob grows increasingly wary of events that unfold in his unfamiliar surroundings—including the strange curiosity of Englischer Natalie Bennett.
Natalie never thought her circus career as an aerial silks artist would end with a blown-out knee at the age of 25. She also never knew her late mother had a secret—that she was once Amish.
When Natalie meets the Millers at the Sarasota hospital, she is attracted to their warm hospitality and simple ways—and soon wonders if they can help her find her mother’s family. As Jacob and Natalie fall in love, their worlds collide. Will their differences tear them apart? Or will their love be strong enough to blend their clashing cultures?
Book Review
Well, I ended up ordering this book on accident, so when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. Books are always a treat, even unexpected ones. I started reading it and I was immediately concerned about whether I would like it or not. The main character in the book is a circus performer, which is not exactly my cup of tea. However, I have learned to not judge a book in the first chapter. Often things that I don't think I will enjoy ending up becoming favorites, so I trudged on. And on. And on. Was this book ever going to end? I have always liked Amish Fiction, but not this. I don't think that the author did a whole lot of research on the Amish culture before writing this book, because she didn't seem to know what she was talking about. I mean, I'm no expert, but I noticed a few flaws in that regard. Also, it was kind of boring. It took me FOREVER to finish it. I'm one of those people that reads a book in a couple of days, not a MONTH. But a month is what it took. I am so backed up on my reading because of this book. One thing that I did like about it though is that it is completely clean and family friendly (not that you're gonna be able to talk your husband and kids to sitting down and listening to this kind of thing, but if you did you wouldn't have to worry about them hearing anything inappropriate). My favorite character was Rebecca. She's such a lovable and strong character. She is so wise for someone so young. I just wanted to give her a hug. Now, just because I didn't like this book doesn't mean that you won't enjoy it. Different Strokes for Different Folks, as they say.
~Madi For The Literary Maidens
D I S C L A I M E R: I was provided a complimentary copy of this novel by The Litfuse  Publicity Group. I was not further compensated to review this product and all thoughts and sentiments expressed above are completely my own an unbiased.

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