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Gladness For Mourning By June Caedmon Book Review

/ / G l a d n e s s   F o r   M o u r n i n g / /

{Review By Madi}
Title: Gladness For Mourning
Author: June Caedmon
Source: Review Book From The Author
Number Of Pages: 232
ISBN: 9781484175064
Publisher: Wendyhill Media
Publication Date: 2003
Madi's Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars
/ / Book Description / /
A war that divides families is a particular kind of evil. Victoria Elliot can't bear the thought of her husband and father meeting on the battlefield -on different sides! As the war drags on, Victoria falls into a deep despair, eventually turning to the arms of another man for comfort. When Sam Elliott is captured and held on charges of treason, he learns that his home lies in ruins and his wife is guilty of a treason of another kind. Will they find forgiveness and love among the ashes? Luann Cantrell has no such illusions about love and forgiveness. She will never forgive the man who destroyed her family. But guilt calls her out of hiding to tend the wounded and in the process she meets a woman who teaches her about grace, and a man who just may convince her to open her heart to love. For Dutch, the war is an opportunity to begin again. He's received God's forgiveness, but still dreams of hearing the words from the one whose life was forever changed by the mark of his sword. But there are those who would use the war to further their own cause for revenge. Before the end, both Dutch and Luann will suffer at the hands of men who unjustly hate them. Through it all, they will see God working in the midst of their circumstances, teaching them to praise Him and ultimately... to forgive.

                                                     / / Author Bio / /                                                   
The author began writing under the pen name June Caedmon in July of 2002. Since then she has completed seven novels, four of which have been published. She is an avid reader and enjoys the research that her writing style demands. She has little with which to commend herself and relies solely on God for her inspiration, wisdom and guidance. The author lives with her family in the Hill Country of Texas.
/ / Madi's Book Review / /
This is the second book that I have read by June Caedmon (the first one being "Heart's Desire"), and I loved them both. Her stories are interesting, and her characters are just perfect. I loved how she kind of continued the story of Melinda from the first book alongside Victoria's tale. Melinda is as hardheaded and quick thinking as ever.
We are first introduced to Victoria through the first book in this literary duo "Heart's Desire", but this book is where you really start to get into her story, since the first book was about her now sister-in-law. Victoria Elliot is the wife of Doctor Sam Elliot, and she is in charge of running the family plantation while the men are away at war. She is missing her husband and grieving the loss of her first child when a troupe of soldiers come to rest and heal at her home
The Elliot brothers (Sam and John) are both away fighting for what they believe in. One is for the South, one for the North. Will their political opinions split their family apart, or will the family stick together in the end?
Luann is a woman scarred by the death of her family. When she joins a convent she finds peace and love in her savior Jesus Christ, but will his forgiveness of her sins encourage her to do the same for the man that did this to her, or will bitterness capture her heart and soul?
Dutch just wants Lu's forgiveness. He has repented and accepted Christ, but he can never forget what he did to this young woman, and he will do anything and everything to make it right.
"Gladness For Mourning" is such a wonderful sequel to "Heart's Desire"! I was so excited for the opportunity to read it. And the cover is just precious! It represents the story so well! I loved seeing the war between the states in this perspective. It's not often that you read a book about two families living under the same roof with such a drastic difference of opinions on the subject of politics and war. Melinda is smuggling slaves to freedom while her brother-in-law fights for the opposite side. It's quite an interesting read! My only critique is that the transitions between characters and scenes could have been a little bit smoother, but overall I really enjoyed it! And I collected a few quotes for my quote book while reading this as well! Here are a few of my
/ / Favorite Quotes From This Book  / /
"I believe in the Union, but the government must know it's place."
"Remember, Luann, he does not need your forgiveness to be saved. Only belief in Jesus offers salvation. Your judgment of this man will not change his fate, only yours."
"You cannot become the woman He created you to be until you forgive."
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 / / Credits / /
A big thank you to author June Caedmon for supplying me with a copy of Gladness For Mourning to read and review. I have enjoyed working with you, and I hope to read more of your books in the future!

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