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Praying For Your Future Husband By Robin Jones Gunn & Tricia Goyer Book Review

Praying for Your Future Husband: Preparing Your Heart for His// Praying for Your Future Husband //
By Robin Jones Gunn & Tricia Goyer
{Review By Bethany}
 Title: Praying for Your Future Husband
Author: Robin Jones Gunn & Tricia Goyer
Source: Review Book from the publisher
Number of Pages: 224
Publisher: Multnomah Publishers
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2011
Bethany's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

// Book Synopsis //
"Have you ever thought about praying for your future husband?
Will it make a difference?
There's only one way to find out…

From when we were small girls, most of us dream of “The One,” our future husband. We think about what it would be like to be a bride. We wonder who that special guy is and when we'll find him. The great news is that what you do now can make a difference in your life and the life of your future husband!

Authors and good friends Robin Jones Gunn (Christy Miller series) and Tricia Goyer (author and former teen mom) believe God answers women's prayers for husbands—even husbands they may not meet for years. They invite young women to pray boldly for their future mate … while also asking God to prepare their own hearts.

In Praying for Your Future Husband, Robin and Tricia share their two vastly different experiences, including the things they did right and the mistakes they made on the path to meeting and marrying their husbands. Each chapter includes helpful Bible verses, prayers, and practical application, along with true stories of women who prayed for a husband and how God answered in remarkable ways.

God has a beautiful romance prepared for you. Prayer is the key to unlocking the love story … with your future husband and with God, the lover of your soul."
// Bethany's Book Review //
Ever since I was little, I've dreamed about getting married and having kids one day. I mean, what girl doesn't? I started praying for my future husband, even before hearing about this book, so when I had the opportunity to review it, I jumped at the chance to renew my commitment to pray for my future husband. Whether you have been praying for your future husband for years, or are new to the concept, then Praying for Your Future Husband is a book you won't want to miss!
Now I must admit that for some reason I just didn't feel like this was a complete 5 star book. Don't get me wrong, I liked it a lot, but for some reason I felt like it was more for girls who have "messed up" and wanted to get their life straightened out, and since I've always been very purity mined I didn't really feel like the book was focused towards girls who hadn't done things they wish they wouldn't have. I just feel like a lot of times, books on purity are often focused for girls who have done things they regret, just because it's the majority of the population that fits in this category, so I can certainly understand why this book was geared to encourage girls who may think it's too late to start over. While it certainly is for both girls that are still pure, and those that aren't, I felt like it was geared towards girls who had had boyfriend in the past or gone too far in a relationship, and that just wasn't me. But other than this small deal, I loved this book and found that it made me think about just how important it is to pray for the person we will one day, Lord-willingly marry.
My favorite part of this book was Robin and Tricia's personal stories of how they met their husbands-along with all the other inspiring testimonies of women who prayed for a husband, and God answered in amazing ways that only God would have orchestrated. I always love hearing other women's stories, and this book was full of them! I found both women's testimonies inspiring, but especially Tricia's since she got pregnant out of wedlock - twice - before she gave her life to the Lord and He brought her the man of her dreams who accepted all of her, both her past and present. I loved hearing her story of how she became a Christian and raised her son to be a godly young man despite the odds of her past, and it is a story that is sure to inspire and encourage any young woman going through related difficulties.
Praying for Your Future Husband has a chapter devoted to each of the traits/character qualities that are recommended to pray for in a future husband. Some of the chapter topics on things to pray for included praying for his heart, praying he would be a God lover, praying for patience, praying for understanding, praying for trust, etc. I especially liked how they had an example prayer - one that you pray for your future husband, and another that you pray for yourself as you wait for the man God would have for you. This part of the book really helped me to see how by praying for your future husband, that opens up areas in your own life that could use adjusting before marriage, and it helps you to see that both sides of the marriage partners need to be prayed for - not just the guy. Girls need to be shaped into Christ's image as well not just the men!
Overall I really enjoyed reading Praying for Your Future Husband. Other than the chapter on praying for intimacy, I felt like the book would be very appropriate for even young girls, and was very easy to read and understand. I'd recommend it to any girl who is waiting for the man God has for you, and for ladies interested in praying for that man even before you meet him.
N O T E :: I'd like to sincerely thank the publisher and authors for providing me with a complementary review copy of Praying for Your Future Husband to read and review. I was not paid to write this review, and all thoughts expressed in this review are my own, completely honest and unbiased.

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