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Beloved By Robin Lee Hatcher Blog Tour

// Beloved //
Where The Heart Lives // Book #3
 By Robin Lee Hatcher

{Review By Madi}

 Title: Beloved
Series: Where The Heart Lives // Book #3
Author: Robin Lee Hatcher
Number of Pages: 352
Publisher: Zondervan Publishers
Publication Date: September 24th, 2013
Madi's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

// Book Synopsis //

"Diana Brennan came west on the orphan train and was given a home with a loving couple who cherished and spoiled her. At 17, she fell hard for Tyson Applegate, the son of a wealthy mine owner. After a whirlwind courtship and marriage, Tyson took off for adventures around the world, including fighting with the Rough Riders in Cuba. Receiving no word of him for seven years, Diana's infatuation with her dashing husband died an ugly death, and she is ready to move past the old pain and marry again, just as soon as Tyson is declared legally dead.

But when her husband returns, supposedly a changed man, he wants to reunite with his wife and run for the senate. While Diana suspects the election is his real reason for wanting her by his side, she agrees to maintain his home and to campaign with him, but when it is over, win or lose, she wants her freedom. He agrees with one condition----she must give him a chance to change her mind about him.

// Madi's Book Review //
Diana Brennan was orphaned at a young age, and she was separated from her biological brother and sister for what she feared would be forever. Diana was adopted by a very kind and loving couple, and grew up with everything she needed. They weren't insanely rich, but she was provided for and then some. After her father dies, and it's just Diana and her mother, Diana falls for Tyson Applegate. After a hasty courtship she marries the man that she believes she loves. Turns out that Tyson is somewhat of a rotten apple, and he caused her nothing but heartache.
Tyson has been gone for several years, and many believed that he was killed in the war. The day before Tyson is pronounced dead in an official court, Diana host a dinner party to announce her engagement to another man, where Tyson decides to show up uninvited and ruin her once again. How could the man that deserted her still be alive? It just wasn't possible. But it was, because there he stood. How had he been able to not write his wife or father for so many years? How had he been able to stand himself?
Turns out that Tyson has turned his life around and has committed his life to God, or so he claims. He wants Diana to move back in with him while he runs for public office, and she agrees, under a few conditions. They can basically have nothing to do with each other unless contact was unavoidable. As Tyson sets out to get his wife back, she is running away from any emotional attachment to him. He has hurt her one too many times, and Diana isn't taking the chance of getting her heart broken again.
Slowly but surely, Diana notices a change in Tyson, and she starts to fall for him all over again. Can her  heart take it? What if he isn't what he seems to be? He's fooled her before. All Diana can do is let go and let God.
This was a pretty good read! I've never read anything by Robin Lee Hatcher, but I really enjoyed Beloved. Despite it's title, this novel didn't have near as much romance involved as you would think. I mean, it did, but it never even got to where it was at all inappropriate. Which will always get a thumbs up from me. All girls like a little romance, it's just how God wired us, but that doesn't mean that we want unnecessary thoughts put into our heads (at least I personally don't). I'm really impressed with how Hatcher put together such a sweet, romantic tale without adding unnecessary details. This book is teenager friendly, and I would be comfortable with anyone over thirteen or so reading it.
Another thing that I liked about this book were the characters. They're fantastic. I can really relate to Diana - not because she has been through so many relationship problems - she has a backbone and an almost bossy personality (totally me). And Tyson was just precious (after his transformation, of course). He would do just about anything for Diana, and his love for her was evident. All the things that he did to win her back just melted my heart. This novel was well worth the time I spent reading it, and I encourage you to read it  as well.
~Madi For The Literary Maidens
Note: I was provided with a copy of this book free of charge by The Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not paid to review this product and all thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own and totally unbiased.

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