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Starflower By June Caedmon Book Giveaway!

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Title: Starflower, A Novel
Author: June Caedmon
Source: Author
Number Of Pages: 312
Publisher: Wendyhill Media
Publication Date: July 2013
Author's Website: www.junecaedmon.comAuthor's Blog:
/ / Book   Synopsis / /The dark waters that swallowed Sarah Climer’s parents remain silent. Hiding not only clues to their murder, but also the secret they died to protect. A secret the murderer believes Sarah now knows. A secret he’ll do anything to control. Daniel Broadfoot knows well the evils that lurk among his people. Evils that threaten to destroy Sarah and her grandfather. He doesn’t need Sarah’s trust to do his job. But he’ll need it to win her heart. As the murderer’s bizarre plan unfolds, both Daniel and Sarah come face to face with a demon from their past. Will their faith stand against the evil that drives one man’s quest for power? Or will Sarah’s love for Daniel and his people be enough to save them all?

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“This instinct for love, so firmly implanted in the human heart, is the supreme way by which we learn to desire and love God himself above all else.”
So writes Hannah Hurnard in the preface to her allegory, Hinds’ Feet on High Places. Hurnard’s sentiment expresses most profoundly, why I write romantic fiction. Through these stories, I seek, first and foremost, to glorify God. I trust that the stories will also engage and entertain my readers. If a single person is brought closer to God through their reading experience, I will count myself blessed indeed.
The author began writing under the pen name June Caedmon in July of 2002. Since then she has completed seven novels, four of which have been published. She is an avid reader and enjoys the research that her writing style demands. She has little with which to commend herself and relies solely on God for her inspiration, wisdom and guidance. The author lives with her family in the Hill Country of Texas.
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Entering this giveaway is easy-peasy. Simply click on the rafflecopter widget below and complete whatever actions you choose to earn entries to win a free copy of this wonderful novel by June Caedmon! Here at TLM we have worked with June in the past, so check out the reviews that Madi wrote on her other books Heart's Desire and Gladness For Mourning! If you win we will email you to get your mailing address and the author will mail your prize as soon as possible. Happy entering!
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  1. I love a good mystery with a Christian perspective. Thank you


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